Where to Stay in Cebu: Quest Hotel (A Review)

A few weeksย  ago, I went on a solo trip for the first time in my life. I didn’t plan on going anywhere for the next several months but my company asked me to go to our Cebu office, so of course I went. Who wouldn’t say yes to the freeย  flight and accommodation? ๐Ÿ˜€ Sadly, my itinerary for my 3-day revolved around the office and my hotel so I didn’t get to tour around Cebu. I want to share in this blog post my experience with the hotel which was my sanctuary for the 3 days I was alone.

First impression:

Upon arriving via taxi from the airport, the hotel staff immediately helped me with my single piece of luggage. One of them was kind enough to lend me money to pay the cab because the driver didn’t have any change for my money. I paid him back when I was able to exchange my money at the reception. With that alone, my first impression with Quest Hotel was very good ๐Ÿ™‚

I arrived very early so I waited in the lobby for my check-in. I could tell that the hotel was very used to having tourists and businessmen as their guests. Their wi-fi was very strong and fast throughout the hotel so I was able to work while waiting.

I was informed that there was a gym and swimming pool at the hotel but I didn’t get to see them both ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My room:

They allowed me to check-in early at 11 AM without additional costs. Their usual check-in time is 2 PM. I claimed my key card at the reception and headed to my room. The staff offered their assistance but I refused because I only had 1 luggage anyways.

Upon entering, I immediately knew that everything I would need is already within the four walls of my room. The bed was huge and super inviting, but I reminded myself that I still had work for the day.

The bed was calling out to me, but I had work! ๐Ÿ˜€

After I set up my work area, I explored the rest of my room.

My temporary work desk

The bathroom was complete with towels, toiletries and a hair dryer which I didn’t use.

First look of my bathroom

The little white box contained a hair cap, cotton, cotton buds and little trash bags

Brought these home instead ‘coz I prefer to use my own hair products

My room also included a mini bar, closet, locker and coffee/tea-making facilities.

Coffee and tea-making facilities

Mini bar, locker and complimentary water bottles right next to the closet.

If I had to find a fault in my room, it was the welcome letter on the bedside desk – it was addressed to a different person. LOL. But it wasn’t a big deal because of the complimentary snacks beside it.

They gave me rosquillos and dried mangoes ๐Ÿ™‚

This room was spacious enough for me

I enjoyed my room so much! If I had the choice, I would’ve worked here to whole time. LOL. The wi-fi signal is great. I was able to work smoothly and even take conference calls via Skype in my room. Continue reading


Throwback: Cebu 2011

This is my first blog entry. And although I’ve only just started to blog, I’ve been to many places and hope to reach more whenever money and vacation leaves permit. I am dedicating my first entry to the first trip I ever made – the one that started it all…


My trip to Cebu was an experience of many firsts: first time to ride a plane, first trip to Visayas, first trip that was out of my pocket, first trip booked via seat sale and first trip with friends. It was actually my initiation to the endless wanderlust I always feel.

My Companions

There were 4 of us who were originally booked to go on this trip, but one backed out due to reasons I couldn’t recall now. So it was me, Sheila and Starr (close college friends) who went on to Cebu.

Me, Shiela & Starr

The Flight: Airphil Express

I was able to book our round-trip tickets with Airphil Express at around Php 900.00 each. Our flight to Cebu was at night. I was supposed to check-in via web but my internet was acting up in the afternoon. We were able to arrive at NAIA 3 Terminal at the exact time the counters opened for our flight so were among the first in line. Check-in was a breeze and we killed time by catching up and exchanging stories about our experiences so far one year after college.

Our flight departed on time. This being my first plane ride, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I don’t know if it was because of my first time in the air, but my ears were hurting so much. If not for that, would have been comfortable. The seats were a little cramped but I didn’t mind since the flight was only an hour long. I remember that I was praising the pilot for that flight. Of all plane rides I’ve been in, this was the smoothest landing of all. I didn’t even feel the wheels touch the runway!

I wish that my positive first impression of Airphil Express lasted though. Our flight back to Manila got delayed by 3 hours. It was originally scheduled to depart the airport at 11PM but it was moved to 2AM. Of course I got irate at the news. I was looking forward to going home and resting my tired feet, but I found out that I had no choice but to wait at the airport. The passengers of the delayed flight were given a meal as compensation, but my good first impression of Airphil Express was already negated by this one.

The actual return flight was uneventful. All I remember was arriving in Manila at past 3 in the morning, tired, sleepy and reluctant to go back to reality. Continue reading