8 Days in Beautiful Bali | Itinerary and Expenses

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The boyfriend and I spent 8 amazing days in Bali, Indonesia made possible by Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare sale! From the start, we decided to skip the beaches of Bali (we didn’t go to Kuta if you can believe it) because we were more drawn to its temples and its green sceneries.

We had 9 months to plan and save for this trip so we decided not to be so thrifty. The costs I will share below are already for 2 people. I know our trip might be a bit costly for some so I will share some tips on how to minimize the expenses.

This itinerary includes ALL our expenses. If you are planning your own trip to Bali, I would suggest that you go through the image line by line to see which items you can skip or include in your itinerary. I hope this helps you out 🙂

Click the image to view the text clearly. Refer to the Php column for the overall total of our expenses.

Click the image to view the text clearly. Refer to the Php column for the overall total of our expenses.

Tips to Minimize the Budget:

  • Go with a group to minimize the expenses for the car rental. 500,000 idr is the standard rate for a 10-hr car rental with driver. It can go up to 600,000 idr depending on the distance.
  • Another alternative is to rent a motorcycle for 50,000 idr for 24 hours. Just be aware that drivers in Indonesia drive on the left side of the road. This is the reason why we didn’t avail this option – we are from the Philippines and we drive on the right side of the road. The boyfriend didn’t want to risk it.
  • You can also save a lot by looking for cheaper accommodations. In our case, we looked for the cheapest rooms with breakfast included in the rates and had a swimming pool. If you can live without these, you can find cheaper rooms 🙂
  • Control your urge for shopping. As you saw from our itinerary, we went to Ubud Market 3 times. Our hotel was only a walking distance away and we couldn’t resist the lure of the market. LOL.
  • Our seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay was so not worth it. You can find cheaper yet more delicious seafood options here in the Philippines. I found out after our trip that the trick was to find a restaurant in Jimbaran Bay that offers local prices. When we went there, our driver dropped us off at the driveway of one of the restaurants. We were too embarrassed to walk away and scout the other establishments.
  • If you’re planning to go to Nusa Penida, I suggest skip the snorkelling option unless you want to pay more (400,000 idr) to go to Manta Bay and swim with manta rays. Seeing manta rays depends on luck though. Anyway, the basic snorkelling option was not worth it in our opinion. There wasn’t much to see in the snorkelling spots where our guide took us. The snorkelling spots in Palawan or Puerto Galera looked more alive and thriving.
  • A Balinese massage is a must! You can find cheaper places that offer massages. We just wanted to indulge ourselves with the body scrub and the flower bath.

10 Days in Malaysia & Laos – Budget & Itinerary

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I was able to book affordable roundtrip tickets to Laos through one of AirAsia‘s seat sales. Laos has long been on my travel bucketlist primarily because of Kuang Si Falls. I was finally able to realize that dream. The only problem was that the flight to Laos would be from Malaysia as there are no flights to Laos from the Philippines. And so we booked roundtrip tickets to Kuala Lumpur from Manila and decided to spend a couple of days in Malaysia before flying to Laos. Since I and my companions have already explored Kuala Lumpur, we chose Cameron Highlands as our destination this time.

We spent 3 days in Malaysia and 7 days in Laos. I was able to record all of my expenses throughout the 10 days and thought to share it here. There are 3 different currencies you will see on the table below: expenses in Laotian kip (lak) while in Laos, expenses in Malaysian ringgit (Myr) while in Malaysia and expenses in Philippine peso (Php) for all the reservations and pre-bookings we did before the trip. I converted the overall total in USD at the bottom of the image.

The itinerary includes ALL expenses: accommodation, flights, food, shopping, snacks, laundry, etc. I hope this helps you out when planning for a similar trip 🙂

I’ll be writing about our trip in more detail in the upcoming weeks!

Please click on the picture to view the details more clearly 🙂

8-Day South Korea Budget and Itinerary (Seoul + Jeju)

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Last October, I went with 3 friends to South Korea and spent 8 amazing days there. The table below gives a peek of where we went, what we did and how much we spent during those 8 days. I tried my best to record everything that I spent for this trip using my Tripcoin app to keep track of my travel budget.

The Korean won is the currency of South Korea. The conversion rates I used are as of October 2016. For quick reference, 1 KRW = .04 PHP. Or every 10,000 KRW is equal to around 400 PHP. The actual conversion is Php 424.09 which is near enough when we want to compute for conversions on the spot.

I spent a of total of Php 30,000 during my 8 days in South Korea. We went to Seoul, Jeju and saw a little bit of North Korea from afar. This includes all the airfare, taxes, tours, transportation, accommodation, and meals. I didn’t include my expenses for pasalubong and personal shopping because I must confess that I went a little bit crazy when I saw how cheap Korean make-up and Peppero were in South Korea. I don’t want to compute how much I spent for those. LOL.

Please click on the picture to view the details more clearly 🙂