A Timeline of Love and of a Break Up

This morning. I was browsing through Facebook and I thought of you. I wanted to know how you were doing so I decided to check your profile. I’m not stalking, just curious. But a notification reminded me that I can’t. Blocked… I went through another ordinary day.

4 days ago. I saw your picture. You seemed so happy. Yours was the face I knew so well – so familiar and so missed. I wished that smile was for me. But I know it isn’t. The way you looked at me is already fading from my memory. You are slowly becoming a stranger to me. The space in my heart that you created is still yearning for you to come back, but I know that you wouldn’t fit there now. You are not the same person I loved.

3 weeks ago. We were missing each other. You called me and we found it easy to talk just like in the old times. There were a couple of hello’s. An I miss you. And I miss you too. In those moments, we were two people longing for a not so distant past. It was always like this before the cracks started to appear. It was like a dream. Then one of us woke up, “Let’s not talk anymore. We have to truly let go.” Continue reading