Learning Calligraphy at the Scribble Workshop by Ink Scribbler

One random day, I found myself Googling “how to improve handwriting”. I was curious to see if there is any hope for my boring style. Calligraphy was one of the hits that came back and I decided to look more into it. I immediately fell in love.

The first question that came to mind was how do I learn this? Another Google search told me that there are available workshops in Manila by Ink Scribbler. I joined the mailing list and waited for a workshop announcement. By sheer luck, I received Ink Scribbler’s new workshop schedule as I was opening my email. I think I was one of the first to sign up. Yay!

Fast forward to August 2 and I found myself in La Craperie Boheme in New Manila for the Scribble Workshop. I was a bit early so I had a chance to chat with Alexis Ventura, Ink Scribbler herself ๐Ÿ™‚ She just celebrated her first anniversary for doing calligraphy full time, but has been practicing the art for 3 years. I felt at ease when I learned this. I wasn’t expected to get the hang of this immediately. Hahaha.

I chose to sit beside one of the windows because of the good lighting. All the materials we were going to use for the workshop were already laid out on the tables. The materials include the worksheets, pencil, ink, flexible nib and nib holder. Tissues and water are also provided for cleaning our nibs and workspace. I discovered that calligraphy can get quite messy because of the ink so I had to be careful.

This is what my workspace looked like before the workshop started. So neat and clean.

This is what my workspace looked like before the workshop started. So neat and clean.

The workshop finally started and Alexis introduced us to the wonderful world of calligraphy. We learned about the basic terms and techniques of calligraphy writing. Not long after, she asked us to start with our pencil exercises to practice our strokes. That was the easiest part. Hahaha. Pretty soon Alexis was asking us to prepare our pens and ink to start with the nib drills.

The part that both excited and intimidated me - writing with the flexible nib.

The part that both excited and intimidated me – writing with the flexible nib. Oh my gee!

At first I was holding the pen too tightly and so gigil with my writing. Alexis advised us not to be tense and just write lightly. I followed her advise and immediately felt an improvement. My exercises were still blotchy and rough but I was more comfortable with what I was doing. The exercises were very frustrating and calming at the same time. Some of the letters were easy to replicate while some had me wanting to pull my hair out. Alexis was very patient with us whenever we had questions or experienced challenges with some of the letter forms. She stopped by each of the tables to show techniques we could use. She made everything look so easy.

The mess I made of my worksheets

The mess I made of my worksheets

Three hours wasn’t enough to finish all our exercises and to satisfy all our curiosities, but the workshop was a good place for beginners to start with calligraphy. I’m itching to try other styles of calligraphy and other materials, but I know that I have to stick to the basics for now.

As evidence that we attended the workshop, Alexis gave each one of us certificates of participation. Seeing my name in calligraphy made me feel so giddy.

Look at the pretty swirls and lines <3

Look at the pretty swirls and lines โค

This is a hobby that I intend to pursue. I just have to stop the urge to stab myself with the nib sometimes. Hahaha!

With Ink Scribbler/Alexis :)

With Ink Scribbler/Alexisย  after the workshop ๐Ÿ™‚

The workshop fee is Php 2,000 inclusive of all the materials and snacks. I didn’t need to bring anything because everything was provided for ๐Ÿ™‚