Hong Kong & Macau Trip Part 1: Lost in Hong Kong (2013)

Hong Kong & Macau Trip Part 2: Lost in Macau (2013)

It was another seat sale of AirAsia which made this trip possible. I never really had Hong Kong in my travel bucket list, but a cousin of mine is based there and she has invited us several times to come and visit. Plus, how can I ever resist Disneyland? πŸ™‚ So one random night when I saw that there was an ongoing seat sale, I texted two other cousins of mine and they gave an okay for me to book the tickets. I didn’t know that much about Hong Kong so I immediately started to research about the place. There was so much to see and do!

My Companions:

I was with my cousins, Ate Michele and Ate Gladys for this trip. It was their first time to travel outside the country and they were very excited for this adventure. More excited than I was πŸ˜€

Ate Michele, me and Ate Gladys

Ate Michele, me and Ate Gladys

The Flight: AirAsia

At the time of our flight, AirAsia flights were still based in Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. My cousins were coming from Pangasinan and we met at the airport. I, on the other hand, took the shuttle to DMIA from Trinoma and paid Php 200 for my fare. The bus left Trinoma at 3 AM and arrived at the airport around 4:30 AM just in time for our check-in.

We had check-in luggage containing pasalubong for my cousin, Ate Kat, and her family who would be adopting us for our Hong Kong trip. It helped that we were among the first in line so we didn’t have to wait for long. Next we paid the terminal fee (Php 600) and travel tax (Php 1,620). This time, I was prepared and got immigrations for my cousins and me to fill out. It was early morning, but the lines at the immigration counters were already long. We took the time to review all the documents we would be presenting: certificate of employment, our return flight to the Philippines, a copy of our itinerary and my cousin’s invitation letter in place of hotel reservations. Our documents were complete but we panicked a little when the immigration officer we talked to took my cousin’s letter and took it to their inner office. It seemed that he was about to ask for more information or proof when another officer told him, “Okay na ‘yan”. Whew!

The flight itself went without a hitch and we found ourselves in Hong Kong a little after a two hour flight. We found the HK Tourism Board as we were looking for the exit and got maps and brochures of Hong Kong’s tourist destinations. We looked for the right taxi which would take us to our cousin’s place and was surprised at how organized taxis are in Hong Kong. They are color coded to let you know which area they cover. The charges for distance and luggage are clearly listed inside the taxi too so we weren’t surprised at our bill when we got off. We paid the driver HKD 2.50 more than our fare and we weren’t expecting to be given change. But he still handed us the 2.50 after assisting with our luggage. Wow!

Our Accommodation:

My cousin, Ate Kat, and her family (Kuya Nad, Kaelee, Keia & Ate Evelyn) adopted us during our stay in Hong Kong. In exchange of the free accommodations, we brought all kinds of pasalubong from the Philippines: cup noodles, dried fish, ensaymada, powdered juice, tocino and other stuff she requested which were expensive or rare in Hong Kong. Their unit is in Tung Chung – 5 minutes away from the airport but a bit far from the main city. If I’ll compare to Manila, Tung Chung is like the Bulacan/Cavite/Rizal of Hong Kong. Carribbean Coast is a collection of condo buildings and upon moments of arriving there, we already encountered many Filipinos who were working or living there. They had a wonderful swimming pool that can be clearly seen from their unit. It was tempting but it was too cold for swimming.

Caribbean Coast

Caribbean Coast


It was sunny when we arrived but the temperature was 23 degrees. A bit cold for swimming.

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