(Mis)Adventures in Davao 2014

When my sister told me that we were going on a trip to Davao City on early April, I was not so excited at the prospect. I’ve been there before and I felt like there was nothing new that could surpass my previous Davao experience. But I was so so wrong. This trip was filled with new experiences – both the good and the bad. This blog post may lack some photographic memoirs because someone forgot to bring a memory card for his SLR and I wasn’t feeling well for 75% of the trip to take pictures.

My Companions

My older sister booked and planned this trip for her birthday. I was with family for this trip. My cousin and her family also went with us to visit a relative although they had a slightly different itinerary from ours.


after white water rafting

The Flight: Philippine Airlines and Airasia

We left home 2 hours before our check-in time for the flight to Davao. We took 2 taxis to take us to the airport. The other taxi arrived just in time, but because our taxi took a different route and we got stuck in non-moving traffic, we didn’t make it. I had to take a few moments to process and accept the fact that, for the first time in my life, I got left by a flight. It was not a good feeling AT ALL.

Our first option was to rebook our flight, but since my sister booked the tickets on a piso sale, we had to pay basically the whole amount of the flight rate (Php 6,000.00) plus a rebooking fee of Php 3,000.00 . The total was almost Php 9,000.00 per rebooking made.

Me, my mom and aunt headed to NAIA terminal 3 to book a new flight. I canvassed for the prices of the flights for different airlines, and they were all the same – just a difference of a couple hundred pesos. In the end, I booked our flight to Davao with Philippine Airlines. The rate for my ticket was Php 6,000.00 and Php 4,500 for my mom and aunt since they were entitled to a senior citizen discount. The flight’s ETD was at 5;40 PM.

Our flight was at NAIA was at terminal 2 so we went there. Upon check-in, we were informed that our flight will be delayed by an hour. We went in and contacted my cousin who was already there. We were supposed to be going to Mati, Davao Oriental as soon as we landed but since we were so late, we decided to leave the day after. My sisters and brother-in-law will be waiting for us in Davao.

Our boarding time came and went but there was no boarding call. I checked the gate and found out that that our flight was delayed by an hour again. Apparently, there was so much traffic at the runway and all flights were getting delayed by this. We heard an announcement that a free meal will be served for the passengers of delayed flights and we lined up to claim the meal. It was surprisingly delicious (I have no high expectations of airport food) and much appreciated. PAL served meals for passengers of delayed flights immediately, unlike other airlines who serve after 3 hours or serve nothing at all.

Our boarding call came and we lined up again, only to find out that there were further delays. Finally, we were able to board at 8:30 PM and departed NAIA at 9 PM. We arrived in Davao City at 11 PM, instead of at 4 PM if we haven’t been late. A day was already lost.

I just had to include this… as we were leaving Davao Airport, there were guards stationed at the exit. They stopped our taxi for inspection which was the usual protocol. I just had a moment’s panic when they asked for our last names. THAT was new and unexpected. But thankfully our last names didn’t ring a warning bell in the guard’s minds. Whew!

Our return flight was stress-free. We were flying Airasia and I didn’t have any complaints. There was just a slight delay, but I’m starting to accept that delays are a standard for Philippine domestic flights. Continue reading